* You don't have to provide these but if you do I can reply to your comments, keep you informed of new releases etc.

Please provide the following info for the bug report:
  • The name and version of application,
  • the program you were editing, if possible (if it's a large program please email me directly with it as an attachment),
  • the error message returned, if any,
  • the target machine (C64, VIC 20 etc.),
  • the kind of emulator you're using, if any.

You can use the following to pass on any other comments, suggest features etc.

I am aware of a bug where an exception is thrown when trying to start the SID tool and I'm working on a fix for it. Thanks to everyone who reported it.

Before clicking 'Send', please bear in mind:
  • I won't pass on your email address to another party, so if after replying you start getting 'enhancement' or luxury timepiece emails it's not because of me.
  • I can't guarantee a response but I will read it!