System Requirements:

CBM prg Studio will run on any recent PC hardware, The only requirement is .NET 4.6 must be installed.

New features in v4.2.0:

  • Proper project directory structure. The Project Explorer now behaves like the Windows File Explorer in that you can create sub-directories, drag files between directories etc.
  • .prg files now appear in the project explorer and can be launched in an emulator by double clicking them. They can also have their own output directory, away from the project root if necessary.
  • File properties in the Project Explorer have been moved from hovering over the file to clicking on it. The properties are shown below the project explorer.
  • Native debugger can save and load a snapshot. There is a new snapshot manager to help with this.
  • Watch directive now can have an optional comment.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Decimal mode for ADC and SBC instructions.
  • Breakpoint directive setting wrong type of hit condition when using labels.
  • Debugger's Set Registers form using wrong format.
  • Loading a file into the debugger would format the load address to 24 bits for C64 projects.
  • The breakpoint list would increase every time the debugger was started.


Although CBM prg Studio is a free application, please consider making a donation to encourage me to develop it further, especially if you use CBM prg Studio regularly or for commercial purposes. Donators get put onto my mailing list (with permission) which means you get:

  • priority bug fixes,
  • new beta versions for requested features or changes,
  • my eternal gratitude!

Or you can buy me a coffee!

Download CBM prg Studio v4.2.0