System Requirements:

CBM prg Studio will run on any recent PC hardware, The only requirement is .NET 4.6 (minimum) must be installed.

New features in v4.2.1:

  • The project explorer files can be filtered.
  • The sprite editor can flip (U/D, L/R) a sprite to a different sprite. Makes creating character animations easier as there is no copying/pasting involved. Possibly extend this to other operations, such as invert, shift etc.
  • The colour palette values can be seen by hovering the mouse over the colour selectors in the sprite, character and screen editors.
  • The colour palette values can be saved to a VICE compatible file.
  • The debugger's stack window can set the PC from an address on the stack.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Decimal mode for ADC and SBC instructions.
  • Append to disk image was not working.
  • Function key codes for C128 projects were incorrect.
  • Problems with changing the user palette values.


Although CBM prg Studio is a free application, please consider making a donation to encourage me to develop it further, especially if you use CBM prg Studio regularly or for commercial purposes. Donators get put onto my mailing list (with permission) which means you get:

  • priority bug fixes,
  • new beta versions for requested features or changes,
  • my eternal gratitude!

Or you can buy me a coffee!

Download CBM prg Studio v4.2.1