System Requirements:

CBM prg Studio will run on any decent PC hardware, The only requirement is .NET 4.6 must be installed.

New features in v3.14.0:

  • Git integration.
  • BASIC 7 abbreviations.
  • Connect SID tool to MIDI devices.
  • Screen editor digitiser tool.
  • Sprite editor character import.
  • Resize VIC20 screen designs.
  • Screen compression.

Bugs Fixed:

Too many to list here, see the help for a complete list of new features and fixed bugs.


In this version, screens saved from the screen designer are not compatible with previous versions of CBM prg Studio.

Although CBM prg Studio is a free application, please consider making a donation to encourage me to develop it further, especially if you use CBM prg Studio regularly or for commercial purposes. Donators get put onto my mailing list (with permission) which means you get:

  • priority bug fixes,
  • new beta versions for requested features or changes,
  • my eternal gratitude!

Or you can buy me a coffee!

Download CBM prg Studio v3.14.0